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One of the core values of the Stewart’s Scholarship Foundation is building and strengthening our communities.  The Shreveport/Bossier area is the start of this mission.  Our approach to this plan was simple. We took action.  In order for this to be successful we knew that it was going to take more than just talk of a good idea.  To make all of this come to past, we decided to sacrifice our home in order to achieve the needed end result. Making our home a grand prize to our foundation’s Sweepstakes can possibly generate the funds needed to allocate towards alleviating some of the financial strain when it comes to student debt.  By providing financial assistance,  we wanted our foundation to accommodate a wide range of candidates.  We designed our criteria to make higher education possible for those who wish to do just that.  To qualify for our scholarship is quite simple 

 • 2.5 or higher gpa

• High school or Adult education graduate

• University as well as Vocational courses are accepted

• Last but not least,  choose an educational institution in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

The Stewart’s Scholarship Foundation doesn’t want anyone to think that education after high school is not obtainable for them because they can’t afford it.  We want to make sure that noone denies themselves of a brighter future due to thinking,  I can’t afford it. The economic and social growth in the Shreveport/Bossier area is important to us. With having that being said,  our foundation has tailored its program around the educational institutions in our area. This ensures that upon completion of studies,  scholars can contribute to our society by way of influence through leadership,  workforce and revolving community currency.  This is how we hope to build and strengthen our community.

We believe in building and strengthening our communities.

We create creative avenues to help more people become homeowners mortgage free while sending students to college. The goal is to revitalize the United States economy with offering two American Dreams at once.

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