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Stewart’s Homes For Education is our paramount fundraiser to secure scholarships for those that qualify as “Stewart Students” and to promote victors with homes. The endless fight to offset tuition debt will always be a challenge, however our Stewart Scholarship Foundation Team and partners have accepted this challenge and we are ready to stare it in the face.

The goal of the foundation is to award financial support to students based on academic achievements and or financial needs.

We designed our foundation’s criteria to provide eligibility to candidates ranging from high school to adult education. Also we have broaden the choices of post secondary educational institutes that will qualify for our funding ranging from vocational courses to universities.

The Stewart’s Scholarship Foundation intent is to help create an opportunity for those who seek higher education for a better quality of life and the overall advancement of their future. 

How do we achieve such a goal? This will be all done through fundraisers and our Stewarts Homes For Education Sweepstakes. Our sweepstakes will generate the necessary capital through selling Stewarts Homes For Education merchandise. As purchases are made , participants are entered into our sweepstakes to win a grand prize of a home. In doing so, students will be sponsored scholarships while awarding victors with a beautiful home.

Talk about achieving  two goals with one plot!

Success in school and life is our motto from the start

We create creative avenues to help more people become homeowners mortgage free while sending students to college. The goal is to revitalize the United States economy with offering two American Dreams at once.

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