27 Tips For Finishing College Debt-Free

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  1. Save money for college by living at home and organizing your life around being in school
  2. Find scholarships to help with the costs
  3. Look for grants and look for part-time jobs
  4. Use your student loans wisely
  5. Be frugal and find ways to save money
  6. Make the most out of your summers
  7. Earn college credit while in high school
  8. 8. Start early and take courses you will enjoy
  9. Make the most out of your college experience
  10. Find a mentor who has done what you want to do
  11. Don’t be afraid to change your mind and be open to alternative opportunities
  12. Get a scholarship
  13. Apply for a scholarship
  14. Pay less for school
  15. How to pick a college
  16. Start with the end in mind
  17. Applying for Scholarships
  18. Make a plan to pay for school
  19. Don’t forget the financial aid
  20. Plan for the Cost of Books
  21. Apply for grants
  22. Don’t forget to do a cost-benefit analysis
  23. Don’t forget to get a community college degree
  24. Finish with your Associate Degree
  25. How to use financial aid wisely
  26. Scholarships don’t have to be competitive
  27. Get started early