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Fundraisers to help create scholarships to offset students tuition.

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We Transform Your Future With Real Estate

We create creative avenues to help more people become homeowners mortgage free while sending students to college. 


The Stewart’s Scholarship Foundation, founded in 2021 by Alabi Stewart and Simone Stewart.

Alabi was born and raised in the small town of Lake Providence, Louisiana and relocated to Houma, Louisiana at the age of 17. That’s when he was first introduced to diversity. This is where life began for him to see the world from a different perspective than what he was used to. After high school like many Alabi did not seek nor take advantage of the possibilities of college education. His education about life came from trial and error. He has vast experience with learning things the hard way, and he is a product of getting it right the second time and possibly third. Without any guidance, Alabi stumbled through life as a young adult being taught lesson after lesson. These lessons later matured him to be able to look at life from a different angle which has him on a path to success. He has become a motivational and inspirational voice on social media as well as writing and publishing his own book titled “Stewart’s 31 Day Guide of Inspiration & Motivation” that helps others daily. In 2013 Alabi amongst others founded a Motorcycle Club which he became the President of where they jumped at the chance to give back by way of community services. He strives to help others get past some of life’s obstacles that can be challenging. Alabi doesn’t regret any of his mistakes as a young man. He has a clear understanding that without those challenges, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. He thanks God that his life took the course that it did because now he can be of service to others in need. Alabi is still on a path of life lessons, just that he is more prepared than the man before. Now, he understands that he’s “just” a student to this thing known as life.

Simone grew up in Shreveport, La where she learned at an early age that she would have to work extremely hard just to get herself at “start”. Her being 1 of 7 siblings, taught her the power of love, understanding and togetherness which has been the fuel that ignites the drive to continue to uplift empower and give to her community in Shreveport, La. Being the first to graduate from high school and college in her family. Simone has led and hosted a campaign each year since 2016 that focuses on giving back while creating a safe environment in the Mooretown area called “Trunk or Treat”. Simone’s desire is for every woman to live at her fullest and most joyous potential. Coaching various women into tapping into the power to manifest is her duty to mankind. Being the President of her Motorcycle Club has really helped shape her leadership skills and her influence on community services. Simone is also a published Arthur. She wrote a children’s book titled “A Capeless Hero”. She believes that Knowledge is Enlightenment combined with strategic Action is where Power truly resides.

Alabi and Simone collectively agree that education is the number one key component that helps one propel to their greatest potential in life. With that being said the dynamic duo created and founded Stewart’s Scholarship Foundation with growth, advancement and stewardship in mind. Coming from two different walks of life helps the foundation grounds it’s roots into the true heart of giving and severing. Alabi and Simone both believe in the rise of Shreveport’s economic and social development. That’s why the foundation is geared towards community currency amongst the Shreveport/Bossier area.

The Stewart’s Scholarship Foundation, founded in 2021 by Alabi Stewart and Simone Stewart intent is to be the first in the Shreveport/Bossier area to give away homes while sending students to school. We provide scholarships through fundraisers and sweepstakes to ensure some families have homes and students tuitions are offset is our main goal.

Simone Stewart


Alabi Stewart


We promote hard-work and dedication

Willpower is a trait that the majority of our students have.

Our foundation and building blocks is rooted in high integrity

Success in school and life is our motto from the start

New Homeowners +
No College Debt = Us

We strengthen our community by providing a way for our students to experience higher education without the worry of debt. 

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Our Creative Promise

We create creative avenues to help more people become homeowners mortgage free while sending students to college.

Win a beautiful home today debt-free for 2021 and beyond!