A Home And College With 0 Debt. (Learn How…)

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We want to help more people become homeowners mortgage-free while sending students to college. We host fundraisers to help create scholarships to offset student tuition. How does Stewart’s Homes for Education do this? By hosting our fundraisers and getting those who can appreciate our cause to raise money for scholarships. We provide simple fundraising tools that allow you to easily raise money for us. We can hold events such as car washes, bake sales, or even a golf tournament.

So, if you’re ready to pursue a life of happiness, adventure, and independence, you should first consider these studies, which have found that people who don’t go to college have happier and more successful lives than those who do.  4.7% of American adults have at least an associate’s degree, but 17.7% don’t have a high school diploma. If you’re going to choose an alternative to college, make sure it’s one that will help you reach your goals.

We’ll help you get started by providing a list of schools near you, and a customized search engine to help you find the scholarship that’s best for you. We know it’s not easy to choose between getting that degree and paying off debt. But we want to make that choice a little easier.