8 Reasons To Get A Scholarship Vs Debt With SHFE

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Stewart’s Homes for Education is an organization founded by Alabi Stewart and Simone Stewart, who was both top-performers in the industry for over 20 years. Stewart’s Homes for Education (SHFE) is ab organization dedicated to helping students attend college who might not otherwise be able to afford it. The organization awards college scholarships to exceptional students from the Northwest Louisiana area who are committed to improving their community, and leaders in their high school and community activities.

  • 1. We focus on helping students to get Scholarships instead of taking out student loans
  • 2. Scholarships are not just for athletes
  • 3. Scholarships are given to many different people for many different reasons
  • 4. Scholarships help you to enter the field you want to work in 5. Scholarships can save your parents money
  • 6. Scholarships can save you money
  • 7. Scholarships help you to keep your debt to a minimum
  • 8. Scholarships help you to finish college and start your career